Saturday, July 25, 2009

Papertrey Blog Hop

I can not believe it has been months since I posted anything to my blog! I really don't know how everyone manages to update it daily with fantastic stuff. Please don't stop, I would be lost!

I am going to try to make this a brand new start, and a perfect way to start with the PTI July Blog Hop, the reason I created a blog in the first place!

So here it around with text!

This is my daughter at 5 moths old on her first Halloween photo shoot! You can't tell but she is s Strawberry! These are my only pictures, not a single one in color!! Now I take millions of photos, go figure.

So this is so pathetic but I can not fix this photo so here it is before time runs out!! The strawberry bling is not fixed yet because I am still deciding and the material you see is a Halloween skirt I made for my daughter! card stock, Pine's Journaling Lines and Spooky SweetsII.
The text paper is from a long time ago in fall pack.

Sorry to be so "grade school" but I wanted to play!
Be kind!