Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long time no blog!

It has been over a year since I have added anything to my blog, not that I was very good to begin with! I am going to try, once again, to keep up with this, but taking a different path. I have been on a Journey to better health and well being and it has been successful so far although, like most challenging journeys, it is far from over. I am going to attempt to document some of that journey here, simply for my own benefit.

So, what type of Journey...well the getting healthy kind. I have been inspired by other blogs cathyzielske mybestlifedotcom and I have been following badassfitness and eatcleandiet. These women have inspired me from a far but right here in my own neighborhood is an amazing personal trainer, who runs her business out of her garage...I love walking down the block and getting my butt kicked! Janine McGann is an inspiration to so many and she only works with women, she promotes a Balanced lifestyle and knows what it is like to be a mom, to 3 boys, a wife and a "working" woman. She sees the beauty in each woman that walks through her door and in turn inspires us to inspire others.
This all started last June when I was sent a photo by a kind mom who had taken my picture with my daughter and hers and thought I would like to have the picture. When I opened the email I was horrified...was that me? I knew my weight had been going up but I was shocked to see it right there. It wasn't just that, I looked like an older than my age woman, who didn't care how she looked walking out the front door. How could I inspire my daughter to be her best if this is what she saw as the poor husband who loves me and never said a word. I knew I had to do something. My daughter is on a year round calendar at school so when she started 3rd grade on July 8th I began my journey.
I am proud of what I have accomplished but know I have so much more I want to achieve. I fell of the wagon at the holidays with house guests etc, the usual excuses and I have had a hard time recommitting. I am hoping by Jounaling my Journey here I can hold my self more accountable and get where I want and deserve to be!
So this is the shocker!!! I don't have an after at the moment but I have lost almost 30 pounds since this but my hair is still as scary...until March 30th when I will do something about that too! I do the typical mom thing, make an appointment and cancel because of something more important. It is time to consider my self just as important. Maybe some new "intimates" would be a good idea...what am I wearing, the only thing I could at the time I guess. I will be so happy to look back at this as a before photo. I will try to find a "work in progress" photo soon. But you know I have been hiding from cameras for years...sad to think I have missed so many opportunities to be captured in photos with my sweet girl!
So off to make my lunch and wash some windows...spring cleaning is upon us!

I also started knitting so I will have some hand knit crafty goodies next more scary pictures!
It is good to be back.

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